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Rebuilt 12″ Veeder Root Computer

Rebuilt 12″ Veeder Root gas pump computer

Veeder Root 12" computer    Veeder Root 12" computer

Model 49, 12 ” Veeder Root. This computer was completely disassembled and fully rebuilt to operating condition using New Old Stock indented style wheels and a rebuilt totalizer.  You can adapt a motor to drive the computer and it will function correctly and accurately and easily crank back to reset to zero.
This is the most common of all computers and will fit the majority of models of American, Aqua, Bowser, Bennett, Erie, GB, Martin Schwartz, National,  Neptune, Southwest, Tokheim, Wayne from the 1940s and 1950’s. Please ask if there is any questions as to the application.
Priced at $350 without a core,  or $300 with a core. Freight charges extra. Stock photo. Your unit not pictured.
For other applications: Veeder Root 8″ computer

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