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Rebuilt 8″ Veeder Root Computer

Totally rebuilt 8″ Veeder Root computer

Veeder Root gas pump computer       Veeder Root gas pump computer

This is a very specialized computer that had a very limited application in gas pumps produced from the late 1920’s to the mid 1930’s. This computer was completely disassembled and fully rebuilt to operating condition using New Old Stock indented style wheels and a New Old Stock side totalizer.  You can adapt a motor to drive the computer and it will function correctly and accurately and easily crank back to reset to zero.
The following is a list of pumps that used a 8 inch computer: Wayne 40, GB 70 and 80, Tokheim 34, American 488, Aqua E-600/655, National 10, Rush VC.
If an 8″ core is returned/exchanged, the price is $300, plus freight.
Without an 8″ core for exchange this unit is priced at $800, plus freight, because they are so hard to find.
Stock photo. Your unit not pictured.
For more common applications: 12″ Veeder Root computer