Please Read: Veeder Root Information


PLEASE READ A brief explanation of Veeder Roots models. The model 36 and 49 are essentially the same and will interchange. These computers can be cranked back manually to reset to zero, have 3 removable tin covers and shutters that cover the wheels when cranked back to reset. These computers fit most all pumps from the 1930’s till the late 50’s, very interchangeable. The smooth wheel computers are excellent ones to put decals one the wheels. Decals don’t work very well with indented wheels. The model 56 computer does not have removable covers, cannot be cranked back to rest – the reset function is a semi automatic process. The model 56 uses a different face plate that will not fit on model 49 computers. All parts are original and will be in usable condition. Part will probably vary from picture, but condition will be the same. All prices plus shipping FedEx ground.